Thank you for your interest in a commissioned botanical. Emily is always happy to help you decide on the size, the type of flower, and other details to ensure that you end up with the BEST piece for your space.


Please email the following information:

  • Size of the drawing or the space it will fill.
  • Type of flower, branch or vine
  • Cream or white paper
  • Black charcoal only or touch of color
  • Tape or no tape


Each piece is specific for each client so there are no standard prices for commissions. Pricing is the same whether the piece is commissioned through a gallery, designer, or directly through the studio.


Drawings are shipped through UPS in mailing tubes. The shipping cost is included in the price.


Once the price and size are confirmed, you will be sent an invoice for 50% deposit.  After the payment is received, your drawing will be added to the calendar (usual completion takes 2-3 weeks).  You  will be sent pictures of the drawing for final approval and an invoice for the remaining 50% balance before shipping.